Set THIS up next to your bed to reverse aging

FACT: Every cell in your body responds to light.
Here’s what happens when you provide your cells with healthy light:
  • Better aging (skin stays smooth and tight)

  • Increased energy and mood (Like walking out on a perfect sunny day)

  • Faster wound repair and pain relief (Healing starts at the cellular level)

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"This guide got me started with this amazing home therapy. So I figured I'd better have my own device I could use whenever I needed. I now get everyday my beneficial "sunbath". I have so much more energy and my skin looks better than ever. Thank you so much!"
Helena Harris - happy NovaaLab customer
Hi, I'm Pascal, founder of NovaaLab.
This guide is your first step in your journey to age better!

Do you wonder how this light therapy works its magic?
It's simple, you will only get the beneficial light rays of the sun, not the harmful ones.

Throughout our day, every cell in our bodies are constantly bombarded with light.

The truth is, only a tiny fraction of this light is actually good for us.

(Most light we get is harmful blue light from screens and cancer-causing UV light from harsh sunrays)

Healthy light falls into the 650nm and 850nm wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Our breakthrough device emits ONLY healthy red light (650nm) and infrared light (850nm) to counteract cellular damage from all the unhealthy light in our everyday lives.

Just 20 minutes of healthy light per day can fight the effects of time and harmful radiation!

red light therapy to heal arthritis and inflammation at home
Founder of NovaaLab

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