French company reveals secret to treating knee pain from the inside out

by Sandra Porter | June 9th, 2022

Knee pain is no joke…

Believe me, I know.

As an active woman in my sixties, I deal with knee pain all the time.

Treating it with surface-level options (drugs, creams, wraps, etc.) would help for a little bit but the pain just comes right back.

Some days, I would go for a jog and feel fine…

Until I woke up the next day with intense pain.

It hurts to sit down... and don’t even get me started on taking the stairs.

I wince just writing about it.

But as you can tell, I’m not one to complain and do nothing.

I’m always on the hunt for real solutions.

So, when I heard from my brother-in-law (a family physician) that a French company called NovaaLab offered a device that guarantees knee pain relief, I was all ears.

NovaaLab uses a technique called “red light therapy” to heal knee pain from the inside out.

Red light therapy works by emitting safe red LED lights at specific wavelengths that penetrate through the skin and contact the damaged cells that cause pain.

The red light agitates the cells and reawakens dead mitochondria, giving your cells the energy they need to heal themselves.

Just a few minutes of red light therapy each day can provide lasting results.

But the truth is, NovaaLab didn’t invent red light therapy.

It’s been used for decades in health clinics around the country.

A quick Google search will show you that tons of clinics are opening up each year:

But here’s the thing:

Red Light Therapy at these clinics are EXPENSIVE!

The truth is, the industry takes advantage of desperate people looking for relief.

$10-24k a year is only reasonable to the ultra-rich, who have money to throw.

That amount is completely unrealistic for most of the population, including myself.

After all, what’s the point of a pain-free life if you don’t have any money left for a vacation? Or time off to spend with your family? Or your favorite sports/hobbies?

Doesn’t everyone deserve effective treatment at a reasonable cost?

Well, NovaaLab thinks so. And they finally cracked the code on affordable Red Light Therapy devices.

Red Light Therapy is a way to reawaken mitochondria in dead or damaged cells in the area of our pain.

This allows us to replace the bad cells with brand new healthy cells, giving us the precious healing we desire.

Most other pain treatments focus on numbing or hiding the pain, while red light therapy heals the pain from the inside out.

Now, full disclosure:

I have occasionally treated myself with those expensive Red Light Therapy services at clinics.

So I already knew the technology was powerful and effective.

But I don’t have the money to go to those places as much as I need to.

Anyway, I went onto NovaaLab’s website and spent a few minutes learning about their red light therapy device designed specifically for knee pain:

The Novaa Knee Pain Relief Pad™

Great news!

Today you can get $30 off the Novaa Knee Pain Relief Pad.

Would this really work as well as the clinical versions I’ve tried?

I hope so!
Otherwise I could send it back for a full refund, as they offer a 60-day “no questions asked” return policy.
The package arrived at my house 3 days later, and I made sure to hang onto the box, in case it didn’t live up to its claims and I had to send it back.

I had gone for a jog that morning, and I was feeling some pain in my right knee. So, I pulled out the pad to test it out.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but as soon as I hit the button it felt like I was holding my knee close to a warm campfire.

Now, it definitely feels good! But is it going to give me any lasting relief?

I was about to find out.

The instructions say to keep it on the affected area for 20 minutes a day.

I sat on the couch and turned on the TV so I wasn’t just staring at a wrap on my knee for 20 minutes.

Then, it felt like my knee was enjoying a hot bath that just hit the spot.

Before I knew it, the light turned off. It has an auto-shutoff feature which is PERFECT because I don’t want to worry about timing myself every time.

I took it off and got up to test my knee and see if it could withstand some pressure.

I walked around the couch and into the kitchen and I only felt a very distant feeling of pain.

The pain was undetectable unless I was really trying to feel it.
Now for the real test: the stairs.

I walked over to the stairs and made my way up. Everyone with knee pain knows that stairs are incredibly painful. When I use the stairs after a jog, the pain is normally an 8/10.

Going up after using the Novaa Knee Pain Relief Pad, the pain was maybe a 3/10. WOW! Sure it’s not a magic fix, but I’m a realistic person. Anything that would reduce my pain by this much is invaluable.

Coming back down the stairs, it was even better. The pain was a 1 or 2 out of 10.

The instructions said I had to wait a few weeks before expecting results, but I was impatient and secretly hoped that I’d feel some relief right away, and I was not disappointed!

It wasn’t long before my husband, Jake, would be home from work and I HAD to show him what happened.

He knew I went for a jog and he’d usually see me struggle on the stairs, so I knew he’d be shocked.

And I was right. “Are you sure you jogged today??” he asked, amazed.

Jake knew the benefits of Red Light Therapy as much as I did.

But before NovaaLab, neither of us had any clue that we could have Red Light Therapy pain relief within the comfort and convenience of our own home.

I’m positive that NovaaLab is going to become a household name very soon and I’m so glad I had a chance to take advantage of their $30 welcome discount.
All I had to do was enter my email on their website and they sent me a $30 coupon code within minutes.

The good news is, as long as this article is still up, the same opportunity is available to you.

Just enter your email below and wait a couple of minutes to receive an email from Pascal, the founder of NovaaLab:

They encourage you to try it for 60 days and send it back and get a refund if it doesn’t help you. So you have nothing to lose.

It’s not just me who has experienced amazing results from NovaaLab.

Here’s what some others have said:

"I wanted to write this as a review for what it's worth.
I used to play tennis every week for years, until this debilitating pain in my knee.

I was laid up for two weeks with a swollen left knee and he could not walk or put weight on my left leg. I tried using heat on it for a couple of weeks with no response to the heat.

I finally ordered one of your lights and used it for two days and the swelling in my knee went down, and after just one week of using my novaalight therapy my knee was completely back to normal and it still is.

That was over a month ago and I didn't have any problem with my knee since. I simply use my novaa light once or twice a week now.

I hope you can use this review somewhere on your site to help others. Thank you."
- Jim Scott (Verified Customer)

Great news!

Today you can get $30 off the Novaa Knee Pain Relief Pad.

“I went to the doctor with terrible knee pain and they told me my knee cartilage was deteriorating and they tried to sell me a $2,000 light system, so I went on Novaa Lab and found this one.

This infrared light therapy system has done wonders for my knee, I was using this device once a day for an hour at a timeand the pain on my knee significantly improved from a 8-9 level pain to a 3, and now over a month later I do not have constant pain at all anymore, so I only do the light therapy on my knee every 1 or 2 days for 20-30 minutes.

I went from being on a crutch unable to walk without help, to being able to lightly run again in about 6 weeks!”

- Gaby M. (Verified Customer)

“I bought this Infrared Knee Pad to aid in recovery from knee surgery. it's the third such device I've purchased and the only one with both red and infrared lights.

It's well made, comfortable, and most importantly, using it 20 minutes a day significantly reduces my joint pain in my knee.

I liked it so much I sent a second one to my niece to help with shin splints.”

- L.O. (Verified Customer)

“I went to 6 physiotherapy sessions @ $70/session to help with a weak right knee. The exercises they gave me, really helped.

They also did 10 minutes of laser therapy.

After my sessions I thought to buy this device. I used it twice a day for the 20 minutes each time and it helped heal my right knee. While not perfect, it is greatly improved. In combination with correct physio treatment, this can really help you”

- R. R. (Verified by EthicReviews)

“I am 75 years old. I also am bull legged. So my knees on a scale of 1 thru 10 on the pain I feel has been a 10. 10 of course being the worst. I've had this item for about two weeks. I rotate the knees every other day. It takes approximately 20 minutes. Shuts off automatically.

Well, I feel my pain level has dropped to a 5. Which is very good. any pain loss is better then nothing. I would recommend this . $$$ is worth not having my knees hurt like hell !!!” 

- P. W. (Verified by EthicReviews)

“This has helped my knees so much!

I’ve been using it twice a day for about three weeks and I am down to almost NO pain. This helped more than the injections!

I’m so glad I discovered red light therapy. I have my daughter using it for her TMJ”

- Amanda (Verified by EthicReviews)

How NovaaLab compares to Red Light Pain 

Therapy at Salons and Clinics:

Salons & Clinics


Expensive (Ranges from $30-500 per session

One-time cost

Recurring payments

Use as needed

Appointments required

Designed to last many years at peak 


On for 8-12 hours a day, causing effectiveness to wear off quickly

A reassuring 60-day risk free guarantee

No guarantee on the results

Great news!

Today you can get $30 off the Novaa Knee Pain Relief Pad.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Red Light Pain Therapy work?

Red Light Pain Therapy is a way to reawaken mitochondria in dead or damaged cells in the area of our pain. This allows us to replace the bad cells with brand new healthy cells, giving us the precious healing we desire. Most other pain treatments focus on numbing or hiding the pain, while red light pain therapy heals the pain from the inside out.

Is the red light dangerous?

No. In fact, red light is much safer than most of the intense UV rays and blue light we are

surrounded by every day.

Will this work for knee pain?

Yes. In fact, most of our success stories are from customers who previously suffered from knee pain. Click here to check out our most popular knee pain product.

Which device is the best for my knee pain?

That would be the Knee Pain Relief Pad. It’s one of our most popular devices and there are TONS of success stories. If you suffer from knee pain, swelling, or mobility issues, we highly recommend the Knee Pain Relief Pad. The best part is, we guarantee results in 4 weeks or your money back!

How long should I use it?

Depending on the exact device you order, you should use it for 5-20 minutes a day. Please refer to the instructions to find an exact time recommendation.

How long does shipping take?

Once you place your order, you can expect to receive your NovaaLab shipment at your door in 2-5 days.

What if it doesn't work?

You will get your money back. It's our pleasure to make things right if we mess up! Please

refer to our full refund quarantee here:

Do you have any guarantees?

Yes! You can try any of our products for 60 days and send them back for any reason if you

want a refund. We do this to make sure you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Please refer to our full refund guarantee here:

I have other questions. Can I talk to someone at NovaaLab?

Of course! Please contact us at, via our live chat on our store at or by phone as displayed on our store. Our goal is to provide the best

customer experience possible. We'd love to hear from you!

Great news!

Today you can get $30 off the Novaa Knee Pain Relief Pad.


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The Novaa Knee Pain Relief Pad™