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5 questions you must answer before buying Red Light Therapy

Pascal Le Maréchal

Last updated on March 31, 2021
Maybe you’ve started worrying about that constant joint paint that you feel every time you work out. Maybe you’ve asked yourself if there’s something you can do about those dark spots on your skin that have appeared out of nowhere. Maybe you’re looking for something that will help you regain your confidence by helping your hair grow back.

Maybe you’ve searched for a solution and you’ve found out about red light therapy. It sounds like the perfect solution for all your problems. You’re feeling skeptical about it, though – how is it possible that such a therapy exists? It looks too good to be true. That’s why we have decided to create a list of questions that you may have asked yourself!

All the NovaaLab devices were designed to be safe and easy-to-use at home, even for beginners.

1. Is Red Light Therapy safe to use at home?

Yes! It’s completely safe. Everyone can use it without risk.

We have designed all our devices at NovaaLab to be easy and safe to use at home, even for beginners.

There exist many small devices that are completely risk-free and safe to use at home. A device such as Novaa Light Pro is one of your best bet. It’s easy to use and doesn’t take any effort – can immediately see the results after using it for just 5 minutes a day. This device is FDA approved, so you won’t have to worry about getting something that may harm you. It’s completely safe and effective!

If you feel like you will harm yourself with such a device because you’ve never used one, well – don’t! Anybody can use it – many people have already tried it and have been completely satisfied with the result of ease of use! It doesn’t take a health care professional to do it.

Just be sure to follow the instruction and not overdo it, and you’re good to go! If you ever experience redness or other unwilled effects, you will just have to reduce the exposition time. Like everything else, even in this case, one size doesn’t fit all!

It's scientifically proven that Red Light increases collagen and elastin production

2. Can Red Light Therapy tighten the skin?

Yes, it can. It has been proved by many clinical tests that red light therapy – by pointing the light to the specific body zone that needs treatment – helps in tightening the skin and reducing the sagginess of it.

The red light waves stimulate the DNA and the ATP, thus rejuvenating the cells in your body and increasing the production of both collagen and elastin, two substances that are responsible for the tightness of your skin.

It’s better than going under the knife of a plastic surgeon! You won’t feel any side effects – like the pain that you would feel after surgery. Moreover, it’s completely natural! You’re not taking any medications nor are you inserting something in your body – red light therapy simply stimulates your own cells and makes them work just like they used to be when you were younger.

3. Can Red Light Therapy help with hair loss?

Of course it can! The red light therapy not only stops your hair loss, but it helps in making your hair grow back, too. The red light waves help in lengthening the life cycle of each and every cell of your scalp so that you can have a full head with zero effort and no time.

In order to do so, this kind of therapy stimulates the proliferation of the follicles of your hair through the increasement in the oxygenation of the head, along with the blood supply. Moreover, this treatment works not only for men – it’s for women, too! It can help in thickening your hair and making your head appear fuller and healthier than any other treatment.

It’s really easy to help your hair with devices such as ours that are easy to use at home. You will just need to point the red light to your head, five minutes for each area, until you’ve covered the whole area. This kind of treatment can help you even if you don’t experience hair loss.

Maybe you just want to have long hair in less time. It has been clinically tested that using red light therapy can make the hair grow faster, as much as 35% faster without any kind of treatment!

More than 3,000 studies have scientifically proven the benefits of Red Light Therapy

4. Does Red Light Therapy actually work?

Yes, it does. Many kinds of research have been conducted and it looks like that this kind of therapy actually works!

These studies have been conducted by studying two groups of people – one that has been receiving this treatment every day for at least three weeks and another one that hasn’t

At the end of these three weeks, the first group of people showed without any doubt many improvements – for example, as we’ve said before, their hair had grown 35% more than the hair of the other group; they also experience less or no joint pain at all, as well as having way fewer wrinkles and sagginess.

Our motto is to design Light Therapy devices which are efficient, easy to use and affordable.

5. How often do I use Red Light Therapy?

With Red Light Therapy, results come over time. If you are patient enough, you can have results that will transform your life.

For an optimal result, you will have to follow the therapy daily for at least three weeks to four weeks. While it’s true that it may be a burden – because, let’s face it, it is not cheap for sure! – at the same time it must also be kept in mind that we’re talking about a treatment that actually works.

You may have to spend some money, but it’s worth it in the long run. The benefits of such a treatment make its price pale in comparison. But, yes, you have to keep in mind that it is kind of expensive.

…Or is it? Contrarily to others, we are committed to design Red Light Therapy devices that are not only effective and easy to use at home, but which are also affordable.
They are also incredibly cheap if you compare them to the very same treatment that you’d get in a clinic or a spa!

Well, that’s about all there is to say about this new treatment. Its main perks are its cheapness, its ease of use, and, above all, its effectiveness. We hope that you’ve answered all the question may have had about red light therapy.

I first discovered Red Light Therapy while desperately seeking relief from my debilitating body pain. Despite spending a fortune on specialists and medical treatments with no success, my scepticism vanished when my doctor mentioned

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