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Gum Care Sonic Toothbrush

β€œThe first time I used it, my teeth felt amazingly clean as if I just left the dentist for a cleaning! And the pressure sensor is really useful for my receding gums. A REAL game-changer, I highly recommend this toothbrush.”

Jeanine P, GumCare Sonic Toothbrush beta-tester

GumCare SonicToothbrush

 Healthier gums for a brighter smile

β€œThe first time I used it, my teeth felt amazingly clean as if I just left the dentist for a cleaning! And the pressure sensor is really useful for my receding gums. I highly recommend this toothbrush.”

Jeanine P, Novoral beta-tester

GumCare Sonic Toothbrush

Healthier gums

for a brighter smile

  • An advanced toothbrush to prevent gum issues

  • Unique: with a pressure sensor that protects your gums

  • Ultra-soft bristles for healthier gums

  • 48,000 vibrations per minute for whiter teeth

  • Designed for receding, bleeding and swollen gums

In stock, receive yours in 2 to 5 business days.

  • You take no risk with our 60-day money-back guarantee

Why makes it unique:

Clean your teeth 

while protecting your gums

Up to 48000 sonic vibrations 

for efficient cleaning

Soft and silky 


Pressure sensor that protects 

your gums

Say Goodbye to Painful Brushing!

Brushing our teeth is an essential part of maintaining good oral hygiene. 

However, for many of us, the simple act of brushing can cause discomfort and pain in the teeth and gums

Are you tired of experiencing discomfort and pain every time you brush your teeth? Say goodbye to tooth and gum pain caused by aggressive brushing or sensitivity!

It's time to put an end to this agony and embrace a pain-free brushing experience with our revolutionary GumCare Sonic Toothbrush!

94% of our customers are satisfied

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Restore your radiant smile!

Don't let the pain of brushing your teeth hold you back from achieving a healthy, confident smile. 

Upgrade to the GumCare Sonic Toothbrush today and experience the joy of pain-free brushing. 

Invest in your oral health and indulge in a superior brushing experience that will leave your teeth and gums feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Order your GumCare Sonic Toothbrush now and enjoy the transformation to a pain-free brushing routine. 

Say hello to a radiant smile and bid farewell to tooth and gum pain forever!

Choose the GumCare Sonic Toothbrush for healthy gums

The GumCare Sonic Toothbrush is designed to provide a gentle yet powerful clean, ensuring a soothing and enjoyable brushing routine every time.

Here's why you should make the switch today:

Advanced Sonic Technology:  The GumCare Sonic Toothbrush emits up to 48,000 vibrations per minute. The high-frequency vibrations generate microbubbles that reach even the hard-to-reach areas, providing an exceptional clean without causing discomfort.

Gentle on Sensitive Teeth and Gums: The gentle vibrations and specially designed bristles ensure a thorough clean while minimizing irritation.

Pressure Sensor: The pressure sensor alerts you if you're applying too much force, preventing any potential damage to your teeth and gums.

Customizable Settings: We understand that every individual has unique dental needs. That's why the GumCare Sonic Toothbrush offers three brushing modes and intensity settings.

Smart Timer: The timer ensures that you brush for the recommended two minutes.

Long-lasting Battery Life: The GumCare Sonic Toothbrush is powered by a high-capacity battery that provides weeks of use on a single charge.

Best of all: You REALLY take no risk

You are satisfied... or we give your money back!


You buy GumCare Sonic Toothbrush

2-5 open days:

You receive your delivery

After 60 days: 
You are satisfied or refunded

Over the next 2 years:
Warranty and free replacement


What is the difference between a sonic electric toothbrush and a rotative electric toothbrush? 

The rotating toothbrush and the sonic toothbrush have one thing in common: they are much more effective than manual toothbrushes at removing plaque and maintaining impeccable oral hygiene.

However, their brushing method is totally different.

The rotating toothbrush has a small round brush that spins at high speed while emitting rapid pulses.

The sonic toothbrush has an oval, elongated brush head with bristles that vibrate at a very high rate (up to 48,000 vibrations per minute).

Even if the rotating toothbrush is effective in fighting against tartar, it is not recommended for people having the sensitive gums because it can aggravate certain problems, such as:

- The thinning of enamel,

- A weakening of the gums,

- Bleeding in the gums,

- Gingivitis.

Sonic technology is preferred for those with periodontal problems because it offers a gentler cleaning and significantly reduces the symtoms of gum problems.

Its sonic vibrations clean both the surface of the teeth and the sides thoroughly and gently.

Their high-speed vibrations produce micro-bubbles of water which reach interdental spaces, clearing them of plaque and bacteria.

If you have sensitive gums, think no more: the sonic toothbrush is made for you.

Wy chosse the GumCare Sonic Toothbrush?

Because our sonic toothbrushwill deeply clean your teeth while protecting your gums!

Our toothbrush head ismade of soft DuPont bristles that gently clean your teeth and respect yourgums.

In addition, the Novoral sonictoothbrush contains a pressure sensor that triggers a beeping sound when you press it too strongly on yourteeth.


Our toothbrush offers 3 modes of varying vibration strengh, so you can choose what's best for your sensitivity level:


1) Normal mode for dailycleaning while keeping gums healthy

2) Soft mode for agentle brushing suitable for very sensitive gums

3) Massage mode forstubborn dental plaque


Our sonic toothbrush is oneof the most powerful on the market since it can emit up to 48,000 vibrationsper minute during massage mode.

What is the warranty and return policy?

You have 60 days to test your toothbrush! If you are not satisfied, simply contact our Customer Service team at support@novoral.com to activate the return procedure.

The toothbrush and its accessories must be returned in their original packaging.

Once your return is received, inspected, and approved, your refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment. In most cases, the refund will take 5-7 business days.

You will only be responsible for the shipping costs.

For more information, please read our return policy.

What is Can the sonic toothbrush be used by the children?

Novoral's sonic toothbrush was made for adults with sensitive gums and is not suitable for children and infants.

Children over the age of eight can use it if they are supervised by a guardian, but we still recommend that you purchase a toothbrush suitable for children.

60 days to test! 

Just return your order and 

we'll issue a refund

Free shipping! 

Tracked 2-5 business days shipping

Secure payments

Technical Specifications

The pack contains :



Product size:

78 x 82.8 x 276.2mm

Bristle Material:

Dupont Soft

Vibration Frequency:

31000-48000 VPM

Battery type:

600 mAh lithium battery



Power plug:

1 USB cable included

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And Then ?
Toothbrush heads should be changed every three months.

Don't wait any longer to order your new toothbrush heads!

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Pack 2 brush heads

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Marlene Halbrook
"I have only used this mask 3 times on purple in 3 different days. 1st time for 15 minutes, 2nd time for 20 minutes, and 3rd time for 30 minutes. My scar on my face from an auto accident years ago is already fading and not nearly as noticeable. This is AWESOME! FIVE STARS"
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