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NOVAA LIGHT PRO - The deep healing therapy at home

Affordable, light-weight and efficient deep healing therapy
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NOVAA LIGHT PRO - The deep healing therapy at home


FDA Class 2 light therapy for safe and efficient results A natural and safe pain relief therapy to help dozens of health issues Combines deep red (630 + 660 NM) and infrared lightsinfrared (850 NM) to activate deep cell regeneration and reduce inflammation As powerful as clinical devices for an efficient auto-healing from home Can be used on dogs and pets with the same great results! Pick Your Bundle
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Professional Grade Power

Equipped with the most advanced medical grade LEDs, the Novaa Light Pro delivers wavelengths that are clinically-proven to reach your deep tissues. It will give you efficient healing and relief from your pain within 1 month. Guaranteed.

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Novaa Light Pro

What Makes It So Efficient?

Based on NASA studies, the Novaa Light Pro delivers the exact light wavelengths that penetrate deep into the skin and send healing energy to your injured cells.

With more energy, cells can function more efficiently, rejuvenate themselves, and repair damage.

Infrared light therapy is the only treatment that can activate the healing of deep cells.

Day after day, the healing light can penetrate your tissues, muscles, tendons, and even bones to increase blood circulation - further promoting and boosting the healing process.

East to Use

Only 5 Minutes
Per Day!

Novaa Light Pro

The #1 Portable
Light Therapy

Use your red light therapy while relaxing on your sofa! While other devices require an uncomfortable setup, our Novaa Light Pro™ is easy to use from anywhere!

Small, Powerful and Efficient - this is our commitment.*

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Like Roger, You Too Can Heal Your Nerve Pain From Home

Like Roger, You Too Can Heal Your Nerve Pain From Home

I was skeptical about red light therapy, but this device from NovaaLab gave me great relief from my nerve pain for the first time in years!

I've spent a lot of money on inefficient treatments, I always had this discomfort and prickling pain due my neuropathy in my shoulder which was preventing me from living a normal life.

As the Novaa Light is FDA approved and satisfaction guaranteed, I gave it a try. Within 2 weeks my shoulder was almost normal and after one month the pain was almost goneentirely!

I'm not sure of the science behind it, but this Novaa Light Therapy really does work.
I recommend it to any person willing to heal from home!

Roger Smith

61 NovaaLab™ customer

Get A Complete Light Therapy Package

With NovaLab you get a lot for your money

Anyone can use the Novaa Light Pro with ease! Simply target the area you want to treat for 5 min per day, and let the light rays heal your injured cells.

1 Novaa Light Pro

2 rechargeable batteries

1 universal USB charger

2-year warranty

60 days satisfaction guarantee or full refund

Hearty Customer Support to help you during your therapy

Frequently Asked Questions:

Our Red Light Therapy is not magical: it will only work if you follow your daily therapy for at least 3 weeks.

It's backed scientifically, with thousands of clinical studies showing how it alleviates numerous health issues.

Today, Red Light therapy is used in clinics and by therapists all over the US.

We are proud that thousands of NovaaLab customers told us their health improved for:

  • Hand and knee pain
  • Skin issues such as wrinkles, scars, pigmentation, and eczema
  • Joint pain and arthritis
  • Nerve Pain and neuropathy
  • Post-surgery healing
  • Sport injury healing such as tendinitis, strained and torn muscles, and tennis elbow
  • Dogs, cats, and healing other pets
  • and many other pain related problems!

YES! Our Red Light Therapy can be used in the same way on dogs as on humans.We recommend you perform 5 minutes sessions, once or twice per day. The timer integrated will switch off the light automatically after 5 minutes.The device should be held 1 to 3 inches away from the area you want to treat.

You can check out this complete article showing research with great results on dogs:

Red light therapy is not an intrusive treatment, and there is no risk even if you use it on smaller dogs.If you're worried you can ask your vet if they think red and infrared light frequencies can fit your dog.

YES! 3,000+ clinical studies are showing the benefits of red light therapy on numerous health issues. Red light therapy for joint pains and arthritis is used in many clinics and by phisical therapists to improve healing.

Thousands of NovaaLab™ clients have already seen their joint pain and their quality of life improve within a few weeks of use.

Our goal at NovaaLab™ is to give you access to a professional treatment from your home, at an affordable price.


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Summer Sale!

Save up to $5,000 / year in light therapy sessions

Save up to $5,000 / year in light therapy sessions

FREE 2-year warranty and FREE shipping during our Flash Sale

FREE 2-year warranty and FREE shipping during our Flash Sale

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NOVAA LIGHT PRO - The deep healing therapy at home

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When will theNovaa light help you?

Red Light Therapy helps for so many health 

conditions that more than 3.000 clinical studies have proven its benefits.

During the last years, our clients told us to have great results for many conditions.

Novaa Deep Healing Light

When will Novaa Light help you?

Red Light Therapy helps for so many health conditions that more than 3,000 clinical studies have proven its benefits.
During the last years, our clients told us they relieved their pain for these conditions:
ailments ailments
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Technical Specifications

The pack contains :




4.7" x 1"


our device is composed of 3 medical grade LED lights which deliver red 630 nm + deep red 660 nm + infrared 850 nm frequencies


- at 0 inches: > 200 mW / cm²
- at 1 inch: 120 mW / c㎡
- at 3 inches : 45 mW / c㎡
- at 6 inches: 25 mW / c㎡

LEDs lifetime:

50,000+ hours


0,46 lbs

FDA Classification:

Class II


2 rechargeable Ion batteries included

Save your money!

On average, 1-year of red light therapy in a clinic costs 5,000$

You will receive a lifetime of red light therapy at home for the price of one clinic session!

Novaa Light Therapy Is Also Great To Use On Dogs And Pets!

The same light frequencies can be used to reach the deep tissues and heal our little friends!
Deep Red Light and Infrared lights are also safe for smaller dogs and pets.
Make them relax, and target the Novaa Light to the desired area at a distance 2 to 6 inches.
As for humans, perform 5-minutes daily sessions, once or twice per day.
Why you should choose NovaaLab
  • 60-days satisfaction guaranteed
  • 15,000+ satisfied clients have already trusted us
  • 94.8% of our clients reduce their pain*, if it's not the case with you, we refund you!
  • Our product delivers the most efficient light frequencies to heal quicker at home
  • FDA approved and clinically proven
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Your satisfactionis guaranteed

Who are we?

NovaaLab was founded in 2010 by a French specialist in Red Light Therapy

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