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Novaa Max Solo™ - 100W Red Light Therapy Panel

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Get all the benefits of Red Light Therapy 

with a powerful and affordable device

Novaa Max Solo

100W Red Light Therapy Panel

Recommended by 94.8% of our customers!

Recommended by 94.8% of our customers!



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  • Increase your mood and energy levels

  • Promotes wound healing and tissue repair

  • Helps with skin disorders like psoriasis, acne, eczema and age spots

  • Increase collagen production for a strong anti-aging effect

  • Improve health of joints in case of arthritis

  • Red + Infrared medical-grade lights

13K people like this.

 Sing Up to see what your friends like.

Get all the benefits of Red Light Therapy 

with a powerful and affordable device

Get A Premium Red Light Therapy At Home

Are you familiar with those symptoms ?

  • Aching or stiffed joints

  • Sore muscles after sport

  • Tiredness or lack of motivation

  • Bad blood flow circulation or blood clots

  • Skin disorders or aging skin

  • Need to improve overall health


Like Sarah, You Too Can Heal Your Nerve Pain From Home

"The Novaa Max Solo has been a wonderful device for self care

Not only has my skin looks much better, but my energy levels 

have increased in just 1 week."

- Sarah Fausset 47, NovaaLab customer

Technical specifications

A premium piece of technology for faster results

NovaaLab is proud to present you its last innovative device.

Unique, advanced and extremely efficient, it's a breakthrough technology easy to use by everyone in the comfort of their home.

  • Light weight and easy to use by everyone

  • High power delivered by medical-grade lights

  • 2 types of lights: Red (650 nm) + Infrared (850 nm)

  • Highest safety standards

Technical specifications


FDA Class II, CE, RoHS


8.2" x 5.9" x 1.6" / 21 cm x 15 cm x 4.2 cm


Medical-grade Red 660 nm 

+ Near Infrared 850 nm frequencies

Irradiance output power:

- at 0 inch: > 200 mW / cm²

- at 1 inch: 115 mW / c㎡

- at 3 inch : 87.16 mW / c㎡

- at 6 inch : 48 mW / c㎡


10 x 5W 660nm leds + 10 x 5W 850 nm leds (Ultra+)

Rating power:

0.6 lbs

Leds lifetime:

50,000+ hours


3.8 lbs / 1.8 kg

Frequently Asked Questions:

How quickly can I expect the results?

You will feel better after only a few sessions!

We advise 20 min daily sessions, or every time you feel the need to relieve pain or boost your energy.

The more you will use it day after day, the more you will benefit from the long-term effects.

Is it proven to work?

YES! Red Light Therapy is not a miraculous treatment that will work for every condition over night, but it sure does for a large number of health issues.

There are more than 3,000 clinical studies showing the benefits of the red light therapy on numerous health issues. Red Light therapy is used in many clinics and by therapists for medical treatments for many pain-related issues.

Thousands of Novaa clients have already seen their skin, their pain and their life quality improve within a few weeks of use.

Our goal at Novaa is to give you access to a professional treatment from your home, at an affordable price.

Can I use it on dogs and pets?

YES! Our Red Light Therapy can be used in the same way on dogs as on humans.We recommend you perform 5 minutes sessions, once or twice per day. The timer integrated will switch off the light automatically after 5 minutes.The device should be held 1 to 3 inches away from the area you want to treat.

You can check out this complete article showing research with great results on dogs: https://www.whole-dog-journal.com/care/consider-light-therapy-for-your-dogs-rehab/

Red light therapy is not an intrusive treatment, and there is no risk even if you use it on smaller dogs.If you're worried you can ask your vet if they think red and infrared light frequencies can fit your dog.


Like Mike, You Too Can Heal Your Nerve Pain From Home

"I can't believe how much this Novaa Max helped my daily muscle and joint pain

Also great for my skin health! I can no longer imagine my life without this Red light panel."

- Mike Osbourne 38, NovaaLab customer

Who are we?

NovaaLab was founded in 2010 by a French specialist.

I've created  NovaaLab to help people age and heal better.

At NovaaLab, we want to give everyone access to the new biohacking technologies for aging and healing better.

We are committed to making each of our products easy to use, accessible, and REALLY effective.

Our team of 16 passionate individuals is proud that more than 12,500 customers have improved their quality of life thanks to NovaaLab services.

Stay young and healthy,

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Don Moses
"Love my device!! The price was great! I've been using it every day for several months. Great product, Great Value."
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