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Can Red Light Therapy improve your skin?

  • By Dr. Parker, Light Therapy specialist

    Last updated on September 14th, 2021
Our skin is the first thing that people notice when we go out in public. It’s also one of the first things that deteriorate when one is getting old. It doesn’t matter if you take care of it  – for example, by not exposing yourself to the sun, or by not smoking – or not, because sooner or later you will experience some kind of defect on your skin.  Sadly, there aren’t many treatments that actually work or that are cheap – we’re talking about treatments that cost more than 1000 dollars and it’s not even guaranteed that they work!

Red light therapy is one of those treatments that actually work – as it has been proved by many clinical studies conducted all over the world – but it’s also quite costly. One full cycle will cost you about 3000 dollars in any given beauty center. That’s not really easy on your pocket, isn’t it? Well, thankfully, you can get such a treatment in the comfiness of your own home.

Many companies have developed different kinds of devices that can let you follow this therapy without spending too much money and, more importantly, without spending all your savings.
At NovaaLab, we are comitted to design devices that are easy to use, don’t cost too much – and, moreover, it’s a one-time expense, because they will literally last you a lifetime – and, last but not least, they can be used for just 5 to 20 minutes a day.

Red light therapy can help you in many different ways. For example, it can ease joint pain and help you lose weight. Another benefit of this kind of treatment is the fact that it will help your skin as nothing else has ever done! We’ve compiled a quick list of the main benefits regarding this aspect so that you can see if this is something that would help you.

The cells of your skin will re-activate again and start producing collagen and elastin.

1. Reduce the wrinkling of your skin

You’re going to deal with wrinkling. There’s no way around it. Some people may experience it sooner than others, some may even experience it in small doses… But it will always happen. Period.

The wrinkles start to appear once your skin loses its structure – namely, the loss of collagen and elastin, which makes your skin smooth, do not regenerate as well as they used to when you were younger. At the same time, a decrease in the production of oil – which makes your skin moist – also causes the appearance of wrinkles.

Red light therapy, however, is the right remedy for these causes. Thanks to its action, the cells of your skin will re-activate again and start producing collagen and elastin, thus making your skin appear fuller and smoother! Thanks to devices such as the ones we provide on our store, it is as simple as placing the part of the skin that you want to work on under the red light for 5 to 20 minutes a day, for at least three weeks.

By activating stem cells in the skin, it will help in obtaining that smoothness that was long gone

2. Help in making scars disappear

Every time you harm yourself, there’s a chance that a scar will form. The more severe is the wound, the more likely is it for a scar to show up. There are many different kinds of them, but they all share a common characteristic – you don’t want them on you!

Generally speaking, scars form when your skin produces less collagen than what’s needed to recreate the part of the tissue that was lost as a consequence of the wound. In some cases, such as that of keloid scars, it’s the exact opposite – this kind of scars appear when the skin produces too much collagen, thus making the scar grow and grow until it extends beyond the injured area.

So, all in all, all scars are caused by a faulty production of collagen. And red light therapy, as we have already said in the first point of our list, can help with that. By activating stem cells in the skin, it will help in obtaining that smoothness that was long gone back again!

Red lLight Therapy helps in reducing both the itchiness and the irritation of the skin

3. Begone, blemishes!

Sadly, one of the most common skin conditions is eczema. There are many different types of eczema, each one presenting itself in a different way and because of different reasons. Such a condition makes your skin always irritated and itchy. Treating eczema is no simple task and, quite frankly, some people just learn to live with it.

Thanks to medical researches, though, it has been discovered that red light therapy helps in reducing both the itchiness and the irritation of the skin. It’s slowly becoming the number one treatment for such conditions! Not only it seems to work, but there seem to be no side effects.

4. Correct your skin tone

With age, dark spots can start appearing on the skin. In fact, they are also called senile freckles. They usually present themselves as small brownish spots all over the body, especially in those areas that have been overexposed to the sun.

These spots can be reverted back to their original color thanks to red light therapy, though. While it is true that, in order to make them disappear, longer-term exposure may be needed, they will disappear nonetheless. Just place the area that needs to have its colors reverted back to the one it had for at least 5 minutes a day and – voilà – you’ll have a perfect skin tone once again!

A breakthrough technology makes Light Therapy affordable and easy to use at home

5. Reduce the sagginess of your skin

When people get older, their skin will start to get saggy. Just like wrinkles, there’s no escaping that. It’s a natural thing. And, just like wrinkles, it's caused by a lack of collagen in the skin. It is a given, then, that red light therapy can help in toning back the skin just like a lifting – which, by the way, is far more costly and invasive.

Well, what we’ve shown here were the main benefits of using red light therapy. Remember that it’s not only useful for your skin problems – researchers have proved that it can also help with weight loss and joint pain, as well as hair loss!

There’s no reason to not try it first hand, seeing as you can easily buy affordable and easy-to-use devices on our website and use them at home!

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6. How to use Red Light Therapy at home?

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