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Red Light Therapy and Back Pain: Benefits + Tips to Relieve in 4 Weeks

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More and more people are suffering from back pain, and it is not easy to get rid of it. If you have back pain, you can probably blame your habits.

While working in the office, you won’t notice you sitting hunched in front of your monitor for days. After work, you sit in the traffic jam in the car or on the subway, and you finally jump down on the couch to watch your usual series. You don’t move. You avoid exercising; you also have some overweight.

Don’t be surprised if your untrained, weakened spinal muscles don’t do their job either and your spine isn’t held tightly - this is the cause of unpleasant back pain. Fortunately, there is a way to say goodbye to back pain.

What is back pain and what causes it?


Your spinal muscles play a vital role in preventing back pain. Their job is to hold your spine and prevent your vertebrae from pressing against each other. To have the right strength, you need regular exercise. If you are not activity, yo will more like to have back pain.

For starting back pain, regular back strength training or yoga is the most effective method. However, if the pain is severe and has been lasting for a long time, avoid training because a sudden effort will only increase the pain or even lead to a spinal hernia. 


Acute back pain is mainly due to improper posture, lack of exercise, or inflammation. It goes away by remedying the root cause.

Regular back-strength training, exercise, replacing the wrong chair, raising the monitor to eye level can already be solutions. However, if you don’t treat it for a long time, don’t eliminate the root cause. It can become chronic.

Chronic back pain is pain that has been around for months. It can be a consequence of persistent muscle weakness, or an inflammatory disease.


There are almost no adults who haven’t felt back pain at certain stages of their lives. From abnormal posture to tension, the torturous feeling can have diverse causes and innumerable origins to.

5 Most Common Causes of Back Pain:


On our backs, we certainly feel the burdensome consequence of everyday modern life: stiff, cramped muscles and painful movements. Even the most mundane activities can be stressful if done with the wrong technique. Even gardening, biking, or packing can cause back pain. And once it has developed, the compulsions for it will only increase the pain. The improper posture of sedentary workers and students also leads to lesions and pain in the long run. 


Being overweight, especially in abdominal-type obesity, puts a significant strain on the lumbar spine, overstretching and straining the muscles and ligaments. Excess pounds contribute to the development of many other diseases in addition to back pain. That is why a well-designed exercise program is essential in this case. 


With age, the ligaments thicken and shrink. These changes in the spine over time can lead to changes that damage the disc - producing symptoms of spinal pain, numbness, and weakness as early as the late twenties. 


Sports injuries are very common and are usually the result of a sudden or poorly performed sports movements. In the event of a significant accident, the spine may crack or break. Sports can also cause smaller microcracks with frequent collisions and shocks, such as running on hard ground or playing ball games indoors, aerobics, etc. Injuries of this nature are more common in old age because osteoporosis further increases the chance of fractures. Whatever the injury, we should see an orthopedic doctor for professional care as soon as possible.


Stress is a physiological process that activates deep back muscles close to the trunk to become tense when stress hormones begin to produce. The problem is that these tense muscles cannot relax quickly. Only one thing can break down stress hormones: movement. If we move a little after a tense situation, it drains the tension great.


Forced postures will sooner or later overload the spine, and back and low back pain can become permanent. Over the years and decades, this has a high chance of leading to lasting problems. So, the improvement is far from complete, especially when it comes to a chronic problem. The reason for this is, that after a while, patients stop believing that they can live without pain and taking further steps towards healing. For this reason, you should consult a doctor in all cases whenever you experience pain and reduced mobility, as professional help can prevent permanent changes. You should not wait until the condition becomes unsustainable and even painkillers stop being effective.

What are the possible treatments?


Painkillers have an almost immediate effect; they can eliminate the pain for a few hours. But, they cannot prevent the progression of the disease and don’t heal the root cause. After a temporary favorable result, your pain will return.

Paracetamol is one of the best-known analgesics, but despite its frequent use, there is still a debate about its efficacy and safety. The Lancet medical journal has published a study finding that there is growing evidence of paracetamol being no more effective than placebo in patients with acute low back pain [1].

In addition, you should expect side effects when taking long-acting painkillers. These side effects can include gastrointestinal complaints, gastric acid overload, gastric ulcer, severe cases, and even gastric bleeding. Damage to white blood cells can damage disease defense processes. 

Is Red Light Therapy useful for back pain?


Physicians have concluded that a strategy that focuses on non-pharmacological treatment as a first-line treatment option for low back pain can be just as effective as pharmacological ones with fewer side effects.

One such solution is Red Light Therapy treatment. This is not a surface symptomatic treatment: not only can it reduce the pain, but it can also eliminate the actual cause.

Red Light Therapy treatments initiates the healing process at the cellular level, relieves the triggers that cause locomotor pain, stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, and restores diseased cells' optimal functioning by gradually regenerating damaged tissues. It can achieve significant improvement even in spinal problems (neck, back, low back pain) that have existed for years.

How can I treat myself with Red Light Therapy?

Make your pain go away within 4 weeks. Use NOVAA LIGHT PAD ™ - The flexible Deep Healing Wrap. It is easy to use, and heal deep joint, nerves and muscles, up to 2 "deep. Activate your deep cells auto-repair by boosting their mitochondria. It is the only flexible device with 360 lights chips for the most remarkable healing effect.

Like 94.8% of our relieved clients, you should try our Red Light Therapy devices for efficient and long-term results.

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back pain red infrared light therapy treatment at home




  • Before using the device, test on a small surface for only three minutes to rule out possible light sensitivity. If after 24 hours you do not see the reaction, continue the treatment.
  • Negative reactions to red light therapy are rare, and the treatment has few side effects. It is safe and painless.
  • Always read the operating instruction before starting to use the device.
  • Red Light Therapy is not intrusive, and there is almost no risk of overuse.
  • Target the area you want to treat 1-3 inches away from the skin and perform slow circles to cover the whole area. The closer it is, the device will send more energy through your tissues to the damaged cells.
  • Everyone is different, and depending on your condition, the results may vary. That's why we advise you to follow your daily therapy for at least four weeks before judging the results.
  • To get the best results, it's essential to follow your daily routine and use your Novaa Light Pro for 5 minutes per day.
  • Even if you can see more minor results after the first session. The results will be more dramatic and noticeable once you have completed all your treatments.


Try the Novaa Light Pad™ with 50% OFF and without risk during 60 days: you are either relieved, or we refund you 100%. Click here to learn more.

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