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Microcurrent vs Red Light Therapy: What's the Difference?

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Modern medicine has never been so advanced and as we look ahead to the future, it does feel like the only way is up. We’re constantly searching for ways to keep ourselves happy and healthy, whether it be physically or mentally. There are plenty of methods that can keep us at 100% and in recent times, a few have emerged into the limelight: red light therapy and microcurrent.

The wider general public may not know a whole lot about them, but our aim is to change that. They’ve been compared by some in terms of how they work and how effective they can be for you, but for you to understand the full picture, we thought we’d run through a few of the key takeaways from what they do and how they can help.

With that being said, let’s dive into this and really examine the pros and cons.

Microcurrent and red light therapy: what are they?

Red light therapy is a version of photomedicine that can treat you both cosmetically and medically. It sends red and near-infrared light into your cells to promote healing. It can stimulate regeneration, repair skin cells, speed up your recovery time for injuries, and generally take care of your skin in more ways than you can possibly imagine.

Microcurrent is, much like RLT, non-invasive. However, instead of photomedicine, microcurrent works within the safe electrotherapy field. It can be applied through a variety of sub-sensory electrical currents, all of which are pretty similar in their magnitude when compared to the currents that occur naturally within your body.

The benefits of red light therapy

In our view, there are endless benefits to be found when using red light therapy. It gives you relief from joint pain, reduces inflammation in short-term or long-term injuries, and perhaps most crucially, can provide assistance with many different skin conditions. This can stretch across anything from scars to psoriasis and beyond that, things that cause concern for people all over the globe.

If you’re worried about wrinkles, go with red light therapy. If you want to reduce stretch marks, go with red light therapy. It really does go on and on to include wounds healing at a quicker rate and even things like eczema and arthritis. If it helps, click here to check out our catalog page and analyze what’s on offer.

The benefits of microcurrent

If you use microcurrents, your facial muscles contract and are thoroughly stimulated. It can give you a nice, natural lift and softness, and best of all, it’s non-invasive. It can also improve your circulation through the aforementioned stimulation, and in time, your complexion is going to make you look like a completely different person (in a positive way).

ATP is known as the big energy source within your cells which, as we know, carry out so, so many functions in your body. Microcurrent therapy increases the production of ATP and, in our view, can really give you your confidence back. It may not seem as broad as red light, but trust us when we say that it’s still a superb treatment.

Microcurrent and red light therapy: our final thoughts

It’s becoming clearer and clearer that there’s a really positive impact stemming from red light therapy, and that goes for myriad different problems you may have. The same can be said for microcurrent and, in reality, there are plenty of positives for everyone to take away. It all comes down to what specific concerns you have, and between the two, they cover a great deal.

As for RLT, we here at NovaaLab strive to better inform the masses and offer you a range of products - all of which can serve a different function. Yes, there may be some natural trepidation, but we hope that it’ll wash away as time goes on.

If you’re interested in learning more about what we do, feel free to check out our website. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!

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Pascal Le Maréchal

As the Founder and Chief Engineer of NovaaLab, I set out on a mission driven by personal experience. Struggling with severe pain and finding no relief through traditional methods, I explored red light therapy. Seeing its potential, I founded NovaaLab to create precise devices for pain relief and recovery. With a dedicated team, we design FDA-cleared, scientifically-backed solutions, ensuring they're safe and effective. Through our blog, I'm excited to share my journey and help others discover the benefits of red light therapy.