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Top 6 benefits: what benefits will you get with Red Light Therapy?

You’ve tried it all – applying ointments, following a diet, taking medication, going to the gym. You name it. But nothing seems to work. Sometimes you notice that it gets a little bit better, at least for some time, but then you’re back to square one. The conditions keep worsening and it seems like there’s nothing you can do to cure it. Those long walks you took without feeling any pain? They’re starting to become a distant memory. Or, maybe, you have a constant reminder on your face of the slow passing of time – with each passing day, a new wrinkle appears. And what about your hairline? It keeps receding, and nothing’s going to stop it. When was the last time you had the courage to not get a buzzcut?

Luckily, there’s finally a remedy for these conditions. Thanks to the red light therapy, all those little defects of your body that spoil your mood – and the quality of your life – can finally go back to where they belong – and that’s not your body, of course! Thanks to the NovaaLab devices, you can cure yourself in your own home at an affordable price. Stop feeling pain and decide to cure yourself! Even better, if you’re not satisfied, you can get a full refund within 60 days from the date of purchase – but it’s hard that you won’t be, because 92% of those that have bought it have been completely satisfied. To help you choose whether you need this therapy or not, we’ve compiled a list of the six best benefits of red light therapy, both for you and your family – and not only for the human members of it!


  1. Relief from joints pain

We all know that it’s hard living with joint pain. Even the most trivial activity in your day-to-day life starts becoming a difficult task – things like taking a simple walk with your friends, go out with your grandchildren and take them to the park, or jogging around with your pet are suddenly impossible to do without feeling any pain. More than 55% of Americans suffer from joint pain, and the percentage doesn’t seem to go down. Sadly, with the increase in stationary jobs – especially in the last year, in which many people were forced to start working from their home – came an increase in conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Many workers, in fact, have to stay in front of a computer screen all day long and type on a keyboard, something which surely doesn’t help with joint pain.

Well, red light therapy is a fantastic remedy against these kinds of pain. By having constant therapy sessions, the pain diminishes immediately until it disappears altogether, without ever coming back. Much better than other traditional remedies.

  1. Improve your skin conditions

There’s no hiding it – with the passing of time, the skin tone tends to deteriorate. Your skin keeps getting saggier and saggier, it’s not as elastic as it used to be, and more generally is filled with little defects. Many people, when such things happen, resort to the help of temporary solutions – like using special clothes – or cosmetic surgery – they get a lifting, fill themselves with Botox, and many other things. Apart from being really expensive, cosmetic surgery might be not even permanent and 100% safe – after all, it is a surgical operation, however simple and quick it may be. On the other hand, a solution that’s not invasive at all is red light therapy!

  1. Aids in weight loss

More often than not it’s really hard to lose weight in a very short time and reach a satisfactory result. Even after all that hours in the gym and those low-calorie diets, sometimes it is simply impossible to get back in shape as one’s would wish. But thanks to the red light therapy it’s finally possible to do just that.

This kind of therapy stimulated the metabolism, increasing the capillarization of the tissues of your body, thus speeding up the loss of weight. Thanks to this effect on microcirculation it is possible to reduce body fat and cellulite. By aiming the light to the specific part of the body that keeps retaining fats you will immediately notice the improvements. Moreover, if you work out a little bit before doing so, you’ll notice that it works even better.


  1. Improves hair growth

Years have passed since you had the courage to keep your hair long. You keep telling yourself that you like having short, that it’s not the end of the world… But be real with yourself – you loved flaunting your full head, just like an 80s Rockstar. You’d like to get a hair transplant, but it costs too much. And everyone can tell that they’re not the real deal!

Thanks to red light therapy, instead, you can get a completely natural result. The red light waves stimulate the proliferation of hair follicles. By increasing the oxygenation of the scalp and its blood supply, all its cells will rejuvenate and will start producing hair once again, just like they did when you were younger.


  1. Help your little furry friends

As we’ve said before, red light therapy is useful not only for us humans. Just like it works for us, it can help our pets too! Many pets, especially when they start getting old, start experiencing joint pain. This is especially true for big dogs – and even more if they are pure-bred. One of the first symptoms that we can notice is the fact that they get lazier and lazier. They don’t want to go out for a walk anymore! You might think that maybe it’s because – after the hundredth time it has done the same thing – it has become boring for them. Well, that’s not it – it’s just that they feel pain!

So, it’s possible to use the  Novaa Light Pro  to help your little furry friends, so that they can keep running around just like they did when they were puppies!


  1. Remove your wrinkles

When people get older, it is a given that they will start showing wrinkles on their face – even more if they’ve been working all their life under the sun or if they’ve been smoking. Both factors, in fact, greatly speed up the wrinkling of the skin. Many people try to use ointments or ask for the help of a surgeon – for example, by getting a lifting of the skin – but they are both expensive and in some cases not even effective.

Red Light Therapy, on the other hand, by stimulating the DNA and the ATP, activates the production of collagen – something that stops happening at 30 – and elastin, improving the texture of the skin and thus decreasing the number of wrinkles.


So, all things considered, it looks like Red Light Therapy is not only an easy-to-follow treatment, even at home, but it’s also cheap – and, more importantly – effective! It’s possible to take your chance and make an appointment in a beauty center but, to be honest, it’s easier to buy a device just like Novaa Light Pro  and use it whenever you want.

I first discovered Red Light Therapy while desperately seeking relief from my debilitating body pain. Despite spending a fortune on specialists and medical treatments with no success, my scepticism vanished when my doctor mentioned