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Novaa Light Pad for knee pain + Novoral Care Pro

Novaa Light Pad for knee pain + Novoral Care Pro

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JoEllen Girolamo
"Suffer with terrible lower back pain from arthritis so I purchased the heat pad. As soon as it came in, I began using it as directed. I was actually off work but going back to the office would be the test. Before, I couldn't make it to 10:00 a.m. without really suffering. Went back and the first day, I went all day with no pain. Thought maybe because it was due to the fact I had been off work. Nope, two weeks now and I can go all day. Now that's not to say, I don't still feel some pain but nowhere near before I started using the pad. I recently got a stone bruise on my heel and after 2 weeks of suffering, I decided to try it on my foot. Is it gone, NO, but I do feel a difference with just one application. I highly recommend this product and I was skeptical at best before I tried it.😍😍"
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