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Cryotherapy vs. Red Light Therapy: Cold vs. Warm Treatment Modalities

In the modern age, it seems like we’re all looking for a quick fix to the pains and aches we experience on a daily basis - and understandably so. Alas, while there may be temporary solutions to fall back on, we’d rather have something a bit more permanent. So, when considering your options for whatever issue you have, it’s essential to step back and take a look at what’s available to you.

Red light therapy and cryotherapy are both used all over the world but in different ways. One uses warm treatment, whereas the other uses cold temperatures. Of course, the end goal is to protect and improve your physical and mental well-being, as you’d expect with any kind of therapy. Alas, some out there have questioned how helpful both indeed are, as well as whether or not they can be used in conjunction with each other. That said, it’s time to run through some of the benefits and figure out the best route forward for you.


Red light therapy and cryotherapy: what are they?

Red light therapy uses low levels of red or near-infrared light to treat any problems you have. It can assist with skin or muscle tissue concerns as a leading part of the photomedicine realm, with wavelengths being transmitted to body parts needing assistance. It also helps to improve the circulation of oxygen-laden blood in your system, which is undoubtedly a positive on your road to recovery.

Cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy, features the use of low temperatures in medical settings. Your body is briefly exposed to very cold conditions, with some comparing it to how you’d use an ice bath. New machines and techniques are being developed daily, and alongside RLT, it certainly seems its popularity is increasing.


The benefits of red light therapy

Red light therapy has been showcased in various ways over the years, and it’s been done in a manner that should reassure the masses about its validity. From assisting with the appearance of scars to helping with hair growth and beyond, it sometimes feels like there’s no end to its capabilities.

One study has suggested that red light therapy can help with increased blood flow, reduce inflammation with specific injuries, increase the production of fibroblasts, and boost collagen levels. With so many benefits off the top of our heads, it’s no wonder there’s a greater interest in the field right now.


The benefits of cryotherapy

Cryotherapy has been helping ordinary citizens for years and has been doing so in many ways. One study found that cryotherapy can reduce pain in those with arthritis and those who are suffering from the long-term consequences. Generally, it’s also known to help reduce inflammation, aligning it nicely with red light therapy.

In addition, a study has noted that cryotherapy can treat migraines. It does so by cooling and numbing the nerves around your neck, starting at the base level of a wrap with two frozen ice packs. With these heavy headaches creating such a notable blockade for so many, it’s reassuring to know that it doesn’t take much for the tide to turn.


Can you combine red light therapy and cryotherapy?

While we don’t believe it’s productive to use both simultaneously in a literal sense, there’s no reason you can’t switch back and forth between the two as part of your routine. Red light therapy has no significant risks associated with it, and for cryotherapy, you can use it in small doses. In terms of what they’ve got in common (aside from some of the apparent benefits), neither takes up a lot of time.

For a period of just a few minutes, you can take some fundamental steps towards curing some of your pains and aches. In our view, you don’t necessarily need to be using both every single day - and instead, you can spread out the use of them, taking a few days between the two. It’s all about considering the long term instead of the short term, and in the long run, these treatments can work wonders.


Red light therapy vs cryotherapy: our final thoughts

Red light therapy and cryotherapy serve as creative, imaginative, and revolutionary tools designed to help citizens from all walks of life. We’d highly recommend bringing them into your life if you need assistance of any kind, and even if you just want to try something new, a test run certainly wouldn’t hurt.

At NovaaLab, we strive to make a difference with every product we produce. Our goal is to help millions of Americans and others from across the globe learn and understand more about red light therapy as it continues to grow and become a real force of nature in the field. You may be trepidatious, but trust us, this entire process could truly change your life.

If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to check out our website - and if you have any questions, get in touch!