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Post-Surgery Healing with Red Light Therapy: An Overview

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There are many physical trials and tribulations we have to deal with in life, but few are quite as stressful as surgery. Whether it be a small procedure or something far more extensive, surgery can take it out of you in just about every way imaginable. Thankfully, while recovery can be strenuous, it doesn’t always have to be quite so painful.

Red light therapy has been growing in popularity for years now, and it’s been used to help treat a bunch of different ailments and injuries. As we look ahead to the future, it really does feel like this is where photomedicine is heading, with RLT leading the way as a shining beacon of hope.

Today, we’re going to run through a few of the ways in which post-surgery healing can be helped by red light therapy.

Using red light therapy for post-surgery effects

A patient who is coming off the back of a serious surgery is clearly going to be feeling pretty delicate - and because of that, you need to be careful when approaching red light therapy use. 

Firstly, you should consult with your doctor to ensure that the kind of light therapy you’re undergoing is safe to use and won’t interfere with other treatments you could be using.

From there, you must pick the right device for the body part in question and follow the treatment protocol. That means figuring out how long you should be using it on a daily basis and following that schedule to a tee.

You need to position the device correctly and ensure it’s being targeted directly at the surgical site to give yourself the best chance of an improved recovery. Following those steps, you’ll be off to the races.

How red light therapy helps after surgery

At the heart of everything in this particular sub-genre comes a feeling of relief. Why? Because RLT does exactly what it is designed to do with regard to post-surgery healing. It reduces swelling and inflammation, accelerates healing, cuts down on the pain felt by those recovering, and it improves the appearance of scarring.

Those things may take on differing levels of importance to you, but they’re all critical for patients who must go through this. It’s still going to be a long road for them to get back to feeling 100%, but anything that can help cut a few corners and reduce the timeframe is going to improve their mental health as well as their physical.

Don’t believe us? Well, have a read of this.

A study from back in 2018 found that red light therapy decreased pain intensity and inflammation in patients receiving a hip arthroplasty. In addition, a pilot study from 2022 found that red light therapy reduces pain and swelling in patients who have had knee surgery.

What surgery recoveries can be aided by red light therapy?

In what could be classed as a “long story short” situation, the real answer to this is “a lot of them”. We’ve already touched on how it happens, but when it comes to actually knowing when to use it, you need to look at surgeries that are both non-essential and essential. For the former, we’re talking about liposuction, plastic surgery, tummy tucks, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, facelifts and more.

On the flip side, any part of your body that is in a state of healing after surgery is likely to be given a boost when red light therapy is applied correctly. It isn’t going to provide you with an overnight fix, but in time, you’ll quickly feel the benefits shooting through you.

Want to get started with red light therapy?

There are bound to be some nerves jingling around when trying something new, like red light therapy, and we don’t blame you if you feel that way. Alas, while you may have concerns, it’s our job to put your mind at ease as you continue on this journey.

Here at NovaaLab, we have a certain expertise in red light therapy. From pillar to post, we believe it to be the most effective form of LED light therapy, largely due to how expansive it is with how many conditions it can treat - and in truth, this is only just the beginning. We understand that it can seem quite daunting to use something like this for the first time, but that’s why we’re here to put your mind at ease.

So, if you’re interested in learning more, check out the FAQ section on our website. If you still have a few questions, feel free to get in touch!

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Pascal Le Maréchal

As the Founder and Chief Engineer of NovaaLab, I set out on a mission driven by personal experience. Struggling with severe pain and finding no relief through traditional methods, I explored red light therapy. Seeing its potential, I founded NovaaLab to create precise devices for pain relief and recovery. With a dedicated team, we design FDA-cleared, scientifically-backed solutions, ensuring they're safe and effective. Through our blog, I'm excited to share my journey and help others discover the benefits of red light therapy.