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Combining Red Light Therapy and Yoga

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In today’s society, many of us are constantly moving at a million and one miles per hour. Because of that, we all want a quick fix whenever any pains or struggles come our way. Sure, there are going to be temporary solutions that can help things tick over for a while, but you’re better off looking at treatment methods that are consistent and can keep you feeling healthy for a long period of time.


Red light therapy and yoga are very different, and it’s worth mentioning that from the word go. You aren’t likely to find many people actively comparing them, but instead, you could find some examples of individuals combining them as part of a fitness program. It may sound crazy to some, but there’s certainly some crossover that can be utilized in an effective manner.


Today, we want to have a look at what they have in common, what they do differently, and how they can benefit you in the long run.


Red light therapy and yoga: what are they?

Red light therapy uses low levels of red or near-infrared light to deal with any pains, illnesses, or aches you may have. Some of them can be visible, but a lot of them aren’t. It’s a kind of photomedicine that has been tested repeatedly for years, sending these low-intensity lights into your cells to try and help parts of your body heal.


Yoga, at the heart of it, is intended to relax the mind and body. It is made up of mental, physical, and spiritual exercises that are intended to bring calm and peace to those who practice it. Modern yoga is done all around the world, with folks using it to control their breathing, meditate, and generally better themselves in a variety of ways.


The benefits of red light therapy

Red light therapy works on improving your skin in so many ways, which include healing wounds, reducing stretch marks, helping with wrinkles, and improving the appearance of scars — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. One study found that RLT provides a safe option for the treatment of skin tissue with really positive feedback from patients.


In terms of dealing with problems that many of us can’t see, a previous study has suggested that red light therapy activates cellular energy and, off the back of that, can relieve inflammation. This opens it up to an entirely different market, and when you really examine the overall impact it is having in multiple fields, it becomes evident that what we’re saying is us simply scratching the surface.


The benefits of yoga

The benefits of yoga truly are widespread, and it can include improving your strength, balance, flexibility, arthritis, stress levels, heart health, and more. In terms of official research, a past study found that yoga led to decreased adverse treatment effects and increased the overall quality of life for those living with cancer - which is a huge, huge statement.


Buddhist philosophy indicates that addiction comes from the mind, with mindful meditation encouraging addicts to make real progress with their recovery. One study noted that yoga can really help in improving body image disturbances for those with eating disorders, showcasing how effective it can be mentally as well as physically.


Can you combine red light therapy and yoga?

Interestingly enough, there is such a thing called light therapy yoga. The aim is to not only improve your physical state of being but also to provide assistance to the brain. As per the following article, research has shown that long-wave red light can boost melatonin levels, increasing your quality of sleep and making it really effective for a comfortable evening session.


In a general sense, putting the two together just makes a whole lot of sense when looking at their individual benefits. If we head back to the morning time, exposure to natural light is great for those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder and depression. With a yoga session that gets you up and about, alongside exposure to red light, you will be overwhelmed with the benefits of reducing chronic pain, easing inflammation, and increasing your productivity.


Red light therapy and yoga: our final thoughts

While there’s certainly some research you need to do before deciding this is the best route forward, it’s clear to see that the benefits of red light therapy and yoga are there. As long as you’re physically able to engage in both practices, we see no reason why you can’t improve your quality of life tenfold by using both on a consistent basis.


Here at NovaaLab, we strive to make a difference with every single product we produce. Our goal is to help millions of Americans, as well as others from across the globe, to learn and understand more about red light therapy as it continues to grow. There’s no hidden agenda here. Our number one focus is simple: making sure you are as fit and healthy as you can possibly be.


If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to check out our website - and if you have any questions, get in touch!

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As the Founder and Chief Engineer of NovaaLab, I set out on a mission driven by personal experience. Struggling with severe pain and finding no relief through traditional methods, I explored red light therapy. Seeing its potential, I founded NovaaLab to create precise devices for pain relief and recovery. With a dedicated team, we design FDA-cleared, scientifically-backed solutions, ensuring they're safe and effective. Through our blog, I'm excited to share my journey and help others discover the benefits of red light therapy.