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Revealed! How Red Light Therapy can heal your arthritis

  • By Dr. Parker, Joint Pain specialist

    Last updated on March 05, 2021
Have you been experiencing severe joint pain and wish it would just go away? 
Is it at the back of your mind everyday and impacting your mobility?
Are you desperate for relief, but without finding an efficient solution?

Then you must read this article.

Up to 54 million Americans are presently experiencing severe pain and nearly complete loss of mobility due to arthritis. If you are part of the statistics that means you already know how debilitating and utterly frustrating this disease can be.

Unfortunately, no real solution to arthritis exist today.
Doctors mainly prescribe pills to hide the pain, but this doesn't heal the root cause.

But today you can do more for this pain.
We will reveal an unknown solution which is scientifically proven to actually work in this 7-points article.
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“I've tried 10 different solutions over the past years but none of them really worked.”

1. Current solutions don't work

In your quest for relief, you may have tried different solutions without any results.

Doctors tell you to do some exercise, but it actually makes the pain worse.
The changes in diet don't show interesting results.
Lose some weight? It may have helped but no real relief.

And the pain is still here.

This is because these solutions are not scientifically proven.

But the solution we will reveal in this article is. And proven by dozens of clinical studies.

Red Light Therapy was invented by NASA to help plants grow in space

2. What is Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy light is an innovative therapy that was scientifically proven by thousands of clinical trials to have amazing benefits on many health issues, and notably to rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

It involves using specific wavelengths of light that are transmitted to particular and injured areas of the human body.

Red & Infrared lights contribute to cell regeneration and repair. They also exceptionally improve the circulation of oxygen-laden blood in the human body, thereby alleviating pain and promoting the faster healing of deep tissues

Now let's see why it is so efficient to heal arthritis.

More than 3,000 clinical studies have scientifically proven that Red Light Therapy works

3. Why is it so efficient to heal arthritis?

Infrared light is known to penetrate deeply below skin layers, up to 1 inch, where other treatments can’t break the surface of the skin.

This is the reason it provides a great pain relief from arthritis.

It holds a wide range of health benefits – including reduced inflammation and relief from pain – without doing any damage to the skin.

This is so far the most effective method that you can use for your joint pain and arthritis.

With more energy, cells can function more efficiently, rejuvenate themselves, and repair damage.

Thousands of users have got their pain relieved with this.
You can too if you respect the advice below.

4. Revealing results of clinical studies

As of today, hundreds of clinical studies have proven that patients greatly reduce their arthritis and joint pain within a few weeks.

Yes hundreds.
Patients receive Light Therapy were compared to placebo groups and their pain was divided by 2.

If we take this scale of pain they were using, here is what happened:

The pain from the patients receiving their Red Light Therapy treatment dropped from 7.9 (very severe) to 2.7 (mild).

As the doctors concluded in this study:

"Pain reduction from patients with arthritis in the red and infrared groups after the treatment was more than 50% in all scoring methods. We observed significant functional improvement in red- and infrared-treated groups, but not in the placebo group."

And the same amazing results in this other study:

"Tests into rheumatoid and osteo arthritis have shown infrared and red light treatments, applied individually, or in combination can give effective short and medium term pain relief.

In early days of light therapy many health professionals were understandably sceptical about the treatment.  Now it has now become a widely used form of treatment

Can you imagine that? I know it seems unbelievable but facts are facts! And these studies are from the official government health website.

Now you understand that Red Light Therapy is very real.
It is not a gimmick science, but it has been studied for decades with REAL, PROVEN and CONSISTENT results for pain relief.

For example in this TV news report explains how it is currently used by doctors to relieve arthritis:

Are you convinced yet?
Ok, now let's see how you can use this technology easily from the comfort of your home, with the same great results.

A breakthrough technology makes Light Therapy affordable and easy to use at home

5. How to get access to Red Light Therapy?

Let's be honest: Red Light Therapy sessions are expensive.
It can go up to $300 / session in clinics.
The reason is that they use expensive laser machines which are manipulated by doctors.
Imagine the total cost of the treatment when you need 2 sessions per week during 6 months...

Are you really willing to pay thousands of dollars? We don't.

But we have a good news!
Since 2010, NovaaLab has designed Red Light Therapy with leds instead of lasers!

And what are the results?
While having the same great results on pain relief for arthritis, these medical-grade leds are:
- Safe to use at home
- Affordable
- Easy to use by everyone

That's right. You can get your own Red Light Therapy device at home.
Imagine that instead of one $300 session per week, you can have 2 sessions per day in your sofa!

This device we advise to relieve arthritis is the Novaa Light Pro©.
It is the #1 Recommend Light Therapy device at home for pain relief.
As of today, it has already healed more than 10,000 Americans and counting.
But don't trust our word.
There are 2 good reasons to to try this amazing device:
- Dozens of client testimonials having healed their joint pain
- An incredible 60-days risk-free trial!
That means you can try the Novaa Light Pro© at home during 60 days, and if you are not relieved from your pain you can simply send it back, you are 100% refunded, no questions asked!

NovaaLab is the only company to propose that shocking guarantee as we are so confident that our product will help you.

Now let's see what the Novaa Light Pro users are saying.

Surprising: 85% of Novaa Light users relieved their arthritis pain

6. They reveal the results after using the Novaa Light Pro

As of today, 85% of our customers relieved their joint pain within one month.

Let's hear what some of them told us after using their Novaa Light during at least 4 weeks.

"I've been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for nearly ten years and have taken a lot of drugs. I've always had problems with my right hand, but for about nine days, I did two sessions a day for 5 minutes each time, and my right hand got better, and now I'm using on my knees, which helps a lot. The Novaa Light really changed my life!"

- Patricia P. , 58, AZ
"It has started to relieve my arthritis after 2 weeks, 2 sessions per day. Good product, FDA cleared, safety precautions. Very powerful for fast real results, not like other treatments I've tried."

- Tim S., 62, NJ
"I needed to help my parents with their joint pain. I went with this and bought a second one for myself because it really works. It is almost magical how it alleviates a stiff articulations. It is a treatment for cases where there is chronic pain, then application a few times a day on a regular schedule should decrease dependence on pain medications. This works on joint pain and muscle pain (ex. shoulder, neck, knees, foot, finger joints...)."

- Victoria B., 47, TX

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7. Revealing 7 secrets about Light Therapy

Now that you finally know about Light Therapy, it is important that you understand the science behind it.

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Everything you MUST know about Red Light Therapy in an expert eBook

8. Ready? Start your pain relief therapy today

Ok now we have covered the science, the great results and that you know everything about Red Light Therapy thanks to our free eBook.

It's time to act and to start YOUR pain relief therapy.

We understand that it can be scary to start a new treatment, but more than 10,000 Americans have tried the Novaa Light Pro with great results.

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