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Red Light Therapy vs Infrared Sauna: Which is Better for You?

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The world of modern medicine truly does leave us awestruck on a day-to-day basis. There are constant breakthtroughs being made in so many different fields, a lot of which have the same end goal: to improve the lives of the general public. It seems as if the only way is up and today, we want to focus on two methods that have been compared to one another for quite some time.

Red light therapy is really beginning to build some momentum in the wider health sphere and, at the same time, that’s also true for an infrared sauna. There’s a word or two in both of those terms that may lead you to believe that they’re pretty similar but in actuality, they serve different functions, and that’s what we want to break down as we try to get to the bottom of which is the best choice for you.

Hopefully, by the end of this blog post, you’ll have a clearer picture in your mind of the direction you want to head in. With that being said, let’s dive into it.

Red light therapy and infrared sauna: what are they?

Red light therapy is a kind of photomedicine that can treat you both cosmetically and medically, depending on what exactly it is that you’re after. It sends red and near-infrared light into your cells, promoting healing in the process. It can stimulate regeneration, repair skin cells, speed up recovery time for some niggling injuries, and generally improve the condition of your skin.

On the flip side, you have an infrared sauna. While a normal sauna uses heat to warm the air in the room that you’re in, an infrared sauna will heat your body directly, meaning that the air around you doesn’t need to warm up at all. Yes, it still feels like a rigorous training exercise, but it instead uses light to make the heat that can work to heal any problems you have in your body.

The benefits of red light therapy

The benefits of red light therapy truly are more expansive than you could possibly imagine, and we aren’t just saying that for the sake of it. From head to toe, you’ll be able to resolve some long-lasting or quick and easy issues that have been bothering you, and while it may seem like a chore to do it, trust us when we say that it isn’t that strenuous at all.

It can give you relief from joint pain, reduce inflammation, and provide assistance with a variety of different skin conditions. Whether it be scars you’ve lived with for years, psoriasis, eczema, or even severe arthritis, RLT will be there to hold your hand every step of the way. If you want to have a look at our catalog of items that could help, click here.

The benefits of infrared sauna

One thing that you tend to see people use an infrared sauna for is weight loss, which is why it’s not uncommon for athletes like fighters to use it in order to cut weight before a big event - but the key is to use it in a safe manner, and only when it’s absolutely necessary. Beyond that, though, it can remove toxins from your body, and give you a real mental boost, as is the case with a normal sauna.

It’s been known to induce relaxation, boost your metabolism, and really give you a spring in your step when you’re feeling down and out. It’s going to purify your skin in a way that few other things can and while it does come down to your actual goals and what you want to achieve, we’d say that you can’t really go wrong if you’re looking for a way to unwind.

Red light therapy and infrared sauna: our final thoughts

With each passing day, it becomes clearer and clearer that there are extensive benefits behind red light therapy and how you can use it on your body. In equal measure, using an infrared sauna can also be beneficial when used properly. Alas, while we may be slightly biased, we have to say that the overall impact of RLT is what really excites us the most - which is why we’re so invested in its future.

Here at NovaaLab, we strive to inform and provide. What do we mean by that? Essentially, we want to do everything in our power to give you a real idea of what it is that red light therapy can do and why it can enhance your life. We do that through a series of blog posts such as this one but in addition to that, we also offer our own services and products for you to try out.

From there, you can decide for yourself whether or not it’s for you. If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to check out our website. If you have any questions whatsoever, get in touch!

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Pascal Le Maréchal

As the Founder and Chief Engineer of NovaaLab, I set out on a mission driven by personal experience. Struggling with severe pain and finding no relief through traditional methods, I explored red light therapy. Seeing its potential, I founded NovaaLab to create precise devices for pain relief and recovery. With a dedicated team, we design FDA-cleared, scientifically-backed solutions, ensuring they're safe and effective. Through our blog, I'm excited to share my journey and help others discover the benefits of red light therapy.